Our aim at Allhallows and Stoke Primary Academies is to develop the enjoyment and understanding of Science, Technology and Engineering and to assist in the achievement and progression of Scientific skills. Children are encouraged to ask questions to deepen their own understanding, and also to design, perform and evaluate their own experiments, observing the wonders of Science in the natural world.

Our Primary Years Programme (PYP) curriculum combined with our hands-on Science approaches, fosters and creates inquisitive minds that helps prepare our children for life in the 21st century.

The National Curriculum guidance for Science at both Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 is used to structure our curriculum and ensure that it is incorporated into our PYP lessons coherently. As our children progress through the school, they learn Science through a variety of topics (e.g. plants, everyday materials and light) that are grouped into Physics, Biology and Chemistry. These topics are periodically revisited and their knowledge is developed and built on, as the children grow and move through the school to form an understanding of scientific subjects. 

 An outline of Science topics covered in Years 1 – 6 appears below.

Years Topics  
Year 1Animals Including HumansEveryday MaterialsPlantsSeasonal Changes
Year 2Animals Including HumansUse of Everyday materialsPlantsLiving Things and their Habitats
Year 3PlantsAnimals Including HumansRocksLightForces
Year 4Living Things and their HabitatsAnimals Including HumansStates of MatterSoundElectricity
Year 5Living Things and their HabitatsAnimals Including HumansProperties and Changes of MaterialsEarth and SpaceForces
Year 6Living Things and their HabitatsAnimals Including HumansEvolution and InheritanceLightElectricity
*This topic is observed/undertaken throughout the year.
All year groups have a ‘Working Scientifically’ aspect for the children to learn and use a range of Scientific Enquiry Skills e.g. creating a fair test, recording data, observing changes and taking measurements. As the children progress through the school these skills are revisited and developed allowing them to be embedded and used freely during their Science lessons.
Wherever appropriate, cross-curricular links to other subjects, such as Literacy, Maths, Computing, History, Geography and Physical Education (PE), are encouraged to enrich the children’s learning and further their understanding of how Science contributes to our everyday lives.
At Allhallows and Stoke Primary Academies, children are not formally tested in Science at the end of Key Stage 1 or Key Stage 2. However, we believe that Science is of great importance and links into many different subjects. Therefore, teachers carefully monitor the children’s learning so that they can work and plan the PYP Inquiries to address each child’s needs.