Year 1/2

Helen Sharman

Class 2020/21

Our class has been named after the first British woman astronaut.  We will be learning more about her as a class and how she demonstrates the learner attributes of our School.

We are very excited to welcome the children back to school this term and to continue our learning journey together. Our classroom, with its own Space Station is ready and waiting to blast off.

Term 1

This term the children will be learning about the following:

  • Maths – Number and place value
  • PYP –   Beliefs and Traditions that are individual to them, our community and worldwide. As part of this we will be reading and writing a wide range of genres, creating portraits, rangoli patterns and sculpting. 
  • Science –  Human body and exploring why exercise, diet and hygiene are important.
  • PE – Athletics.  PE will be taught on Tuesday.  Please make sure your child comes into school in their PE kit.
  • Computing – Using a keyboard and finding information on a website.

Home Learning

What can you do at home at help?

Reading – We would encourage the children to read daily to you.  This can be a mixture of their school reading book, texts on MyON or books/comics that they already have at home.  A parent prompt sheet can be found in your child’s reading log book, to support your child’s understanding of what they have read. Reading Logs/Books  will be given out on Monday and they need to be returned on Friday.

Phonics – Children will be given a Phonic phrase sheet, which will be attached in their reading log.  Sight words and phonemes, will need to be practised daily.

Homework –  Children will be given a homework menu, with a selection of challenges related to our PYP theme to have a go at. 

Thank you for your support.

Mrs Smallman and Mrs Budge

Who We Are

Please find a list of homework options for this half term around the theme of ’Beliefs and Traditions.’  Please talk to your child to decide on which activities you would like to complete together each week.  Children should choose five tasks over the course of the next term and the deadline for all of these is Friday 16th October.

Family Tree

Create a family tree showing your family.

Healthy Eating Week

Create a healthy meal and take pictures to show your class.


Create a collage of your family traditions.

Dickens Festival

Create a leaflet about this local festival.

Helen Sharman

Research facts on Helen Sharman.  You may show your research facts in any way.

Spelling Activity

Create a scrapbook for your weekly spellings.


Sketch a family member


Click here to Complete the reading project on MyON.

Your login is inside your reading log.

Available Week Beg – 21st September

Your choice

Choose anything you would like to do relating to ‘Who we are’ theme.

Remember, it is important to read at home daily.  You will be rewarded for reading frequently.  As well as, practising your weekly spellings.


Click the appropriate links to open the PDF Curriculum

If you require an accessible version of this document please email:

School Council representatives from Year 2 sharing their learning from this term…

Representatives from Year 1 share what they learnt this term too!