Covid 19 Catch Up Premium Expenditure Plan

Teaching Priorities

Gaps in curriculum coverage
Preparing the academy for potential future closures
Staff confidence in the blended learning approach and using Chromebooks
Well-being after several lockdowns and lack of social time with others
Year GroupActionsIntended Impact
All year groups Regular leadership time and CPD for middle leadersMiddle leaders to have a clear overview of their curriculum subject and any gaps in order to support teachers in planning their lessons and catch up interventions as well as relevant CPD.
All year groups Develop our current assessment systems to better inform our curriculum planning and to ensure that any gaps that have been identified are filled.
Link through Solo Taxonomy
Staff are able to use assessments to gain a comprehensive understanding of where the children are at in each subject area and are able to map out the curriculum in order to fill any gaps in learning.
All year groups Ensure that all staff are confident in using all areas of Google to be able to support the children, through regular staff CPD.
All staff, including support staff, will have a better understanding and increased confidence in supporting children in using all aspects of Google and therefore, will be more confident with our blended learning strategy.
All year groups Ensure all teaching staff achieve their Google level 1 certification and are given CPD to prepare them for this. Teachers will be more confident in using all areas of Google and can further impart this knowledge when teaching the children. This will also enable staff to be more confident in terms of our blended learning strategy.
All year groups Weekly play therapy or counselling sessions for those children that need them.Well-being and emotional support of targeted children is improved and therefore their learning and outcomes are positively impacted.
Projected expenditure2500

Targeted Academic Support

Speech and Language has been identified as a huge barrier to learning for a significant amount of pupils
Gaps in learning have been identified through Baseline assessments and teacher assessment
Ensure that our SEND children have the relevant support in place to make progress
Year GroupActionsIntended Impact
Year 5 and 6 Weekly targeted interventions with Vice Principal and Director of Improvement KS2 and lunch time club Any identified gaps will be closed due to precise and targeted input from teacher/VP/DoI/TA
Year 1 and 2Weekly targeted intervention focused around phonics supported by Director of Improvement KS1Any particular phonics gaps will be closed and reading/word recognition improved due to precise and targeted input from teacher/TA/DoI
Year 5 and 6 Purchase CGP booksTo aid in addressing gaps in pupil knowledge ensuring that children are better prepared for SATs in the next year of assessments.
EYFS AND KS1 Purchase additional decodable phonics reading books to supplement the books already in schoolChildren’s phonetic understanding and skills in blending for reading will improve leading to phonics scores improving in the phonics screening check.
All year groups Research best provision for for SALT provision from specialist therapist Change provider if the existing therapy team cannot provide the best value and impact so that the children can make rapid progress.
All year groups Teaching assistants to provide targeted and impactful intervention, including pre and post teaching. Any gaps will be targeted and closed through precise input from the teaching assistant
Projected expenditure3000

Wider Strategies

Ensure that all children can access learning from home (particularly in the result of a lockdown)
Maintain parental engagement
Share the importance of healthy lifestyles throughout and after lockdown
High attendance % for all children as a priority
Ensure an enriched curriculum with community projects and visits (after this not being able to happen in lockdowns)
Year GroupActionsIntended Impact
All year groups Develop links with local community places and events and ensure that our children take part in regular visits outside of schoolIncrease pupil engagement in learning, develop knowledge and skills as well as developing their knowledge of the world and beyond the Medway towns.
All year groups Ensure that low income families have access to devices at home in order to access remote learning by contributing to the LAT Chromebooks scheme.Pupils can access their remote learning therefore minimising the impact on their progress and learning.
All year groups Develop more virtual events for parents to attend, such as parents consultations and workshops Parents feel more immersed in the school community and are able to support their children in their learning
All year groups Purchase further rewards to promote high levels of pupil attendance, embedding knowledge of attendance systems with staff and parents. Attendance will be at least 96% across the schools and persistent absences will be below national average.
Projected expenditure1886