Return to School (8th March)

Dear Parents/Carers,


I do hope that you are all well and I am sure that both yourselves and the children are all very excited to be returning to school on Monday 8th March.  We are equally excited to be able to welcome the children back into school and will ensure that we make this as smooth a transition as possible for them.  We cannot thank our parents and carers enough for all their support and efforts to support home learning over the last term. 

My apologies for the length of this letter but I felt that it was important to give you as much information as possible and to remind you of everything we have in place to ensure that the school is a safe and welcoming place for the children to return to.

Firstly, as per our communication at the end of December, all children, including nursery, will be returning to Allhallows Primary Academy site, the reasons for which we have already outlined and assure parents and carers we are still working to resolve.  Stoke Primary academy will remain closed to all pupils for the time being.  Our children will remain in class ‘bubbles’ as they have done previously, and within ‘bubbles’ the children do not have to socially distance from one another, however the adults in the classroom will continue to distance from the children where they can. 

We have ensured that all play times and lunch times are structured so that the children only interact with the children from their own bubbles and eat with these children, as well as the playgrounds being marked into sections.  Hot school meals will resume again from Monday for lunch times for those children who are free school meals, have universal school meals or for those that wish to purchase them.

From Monday 8th, the minibus running from Stoke Academy to transport some of our children to Allhallows will resume and phone calls around this and timings will be shared with you next week.  Please expect a phone call from Mrs Fenner early next week to give those who we know that use the minibus more details.

Breakfast club will also resume at Allhallows from 8th March and further details around this and signing your child up for sessions will come out to you next week. 

Entrance and exit times to the day:

Stoke at Allhallows:

Nursery and EYFS 8.35am 2.55pm Enter through the hall doors
Year 1 SPA  8.45am 3.05pm Enter through the hall doors


EYFS APA 8.35am 2.55pm Year R/KS1 entrance 
Year 1 APA 8.45am 3.05pm Year R/KS1 entrance 
Year 2  8.55am 3.15pm Year R/KS1 entrance 
Year 3 (including SPA) 8.35am 3.05pm Main gate (right hand side of the building)
Year 4 (including SPA) 8.45am 3.10pm Main gate (right hand side of the building)
Year 5 8.55am 3.15pm Main gate (right hand side of the building)
Year 6  9am 3.20pm  Main gate (right hand side of the building)

Can we please remind all parents that when dropping off and picking up children each day, masks must be worn once on the school premises and the same for any parents who need to access the office.  We would also ask that as much as possible, parents also adhere to the two metre rule and try not to bunch together as this increases the risk of transmission between adults.  It is for this reason we have staggered timings on entrances and exits.

As before, when children arrive for the school day, they can flow round from the gate to their classroom without any waiting, particularly if they arrive with their siblings.  Siblings in other classes do not need to wait for their time but can enter through their own gate and go straight round to their classroom.  It is more complicated at home time to release siblings at the same time and so therefore, we would really appreciate it if you could notify the office or class teachers with a note if you wish to pick siblings up at the same time so we can ensure that the older children are released at the correct time for you to do so.  

Can I also please remind you that you should not be driving into the school to drop off children or to use the car park unless you have a disabled badge or have an agreement with the Principal.  For safety reasons, the gates will be closed if parents continue to use the car park. 

The school will continue to have a daily janitor who will consistently wipe down all touch points, toilets and so on and we will continue to use our routines of hand washing and hand sanitizer throughout the day with the children, including their entrance and exit to school.  I am sure that you are aware as an extra safeguard, our adults are undertaking asymptomatic testing twice weekly which means that if needed, we are swiftly able to identify any pockets of possible transmission. 

PE Days

As before, the children will need to come to school dressed in PE kit on the day that they have PE. Please see the chart below for when your child has PE.

EYFS/Nursery SPA Monday
EYFS APA Wednesday
Year 1 SPA Wednesday
Year 1 APA Tuesday
Year 2 Tuesday
Year 3 Thursday
Year 4 Thursday
Year 5 Friday
Year 6 Monday

Chromebook Return

We loaned some devices to some of our families that asked for them and therefore, these will need to be returned to the office at Allhallows please from 8th March as you will no longer be undertaking the remote learning at home.  We trust that these will return in a good condition and hope that you found these useful over this period of time.  If we find that we have the need for children to self isolate in the coming weeks, we will of course support those families who need a device to work from home. 

Staff Training next week

I also wanted to let you know that staff training that was previously cancelled due to Covid is taking place for two whole days virtually for staff next Tuesday 2nd and Wednesday 3rd.  This means that unfortunately, there will be no live lessons on those days and this will affect Year 1 for both schools, Year 2, Year 4 and Year 6.  Teachers will still upload work to Google classroom but during those two days, they will not be able to interact with yourselves or the children as they will be occupied with the training from 8am-5pm and this means that they also will not be able to do a pre-recorded video.  The hub will remain open as normal as not all staff are attending the training.  I can only apologise that this will mean a lack of live delivery in some year groups next week as these teachers will still be in on the rota on other days and will still need planning time to prepare for the children’s return to the classroom. However, the positive is that by that time, they won’t have long until they return to the real classroom, seeing their teachers and friends. 

COVID-19 Reporting

As always we ask you to be vigilant and report any positive results of Covid or possible contact with someone who has tested positive to the academy office as soon as you are able to do so.  This means that where we need to, we will react as quickly as possible to ensure that we close bubbles to stop any spread of the virus and to keep all parents informed.  If you or your child do test positive for Covid, you/they will be asked to self-isolate for 10 days in line with the current statutory guidance, and this would be the same for any bubble closing. 

Due to all of the safety measures that we have put in place within our academies and with everyone being vigilant, our academy will be a safe place to return to and it is so crucial to the children’s education and future that they are back in school.  Therefore we do expect full attendance from Monday 8th March, unless of course there is warranted illness and the office has been contacted.

If you have any personal queries or have any information that you feel is important to share with us before the return, then please do make contact through the office and I would be happy to speak to you.  Otherwise, we look forward to seeing yourselves and your children soon. 


Kind Regards,



Mrs L Rimmer