Letter to Parents 01.02.21

Dear parents and carers, 

Monday 8th March Re-opening 

I hope that this letter finds you and your families well at this time. 

As you may already know, the government have recently announced that we will not be opening before Monday 8th March and so until then, we will continue to offer our key worker/vulnerable hub in school as we have done this past term and staff will continue with the live learning and uploading work onto Google classrooms as they have been doing. The school will be closed on Friday 12th February for a staff training day and no work will be uploaded onto Google classroom that day. School will also be closed to all pupils as normal for the February half term. We hope to receive another government update around the 22nd February and I will then write to you again with our position once they have done so. 

I would also like to add that as in my letter sent out on 14th January to all parents, our teachers only have half a day planning time and so still upload work onto the Google classroom for this time as there are no live lessons. The only other time that they have no live lessons is because they are supporting the key worker/vulnerable hub for at least one day a week as needed and therefore cannot support in the hub and provide live lessons at the same time. As I also mentioned in my last letter, teachers would still upload a video to start the children for the day and would also try to provide learning videos on Google classroom to guide them through their work for that time. I hope that this clarifies this for you. 

If you haven’t already done so, please complete the online form to give us feedback around our remote learning provision and thank you to those who have already completed this for us. Click here to access 

We know that at this time the children are finding it more and more challenging as they miss their friends and teachers and are struggling to maintain focus. We do completely understand this and know that all of you are doing your very best whilst trying to juggle your own jobs and other siblings as well as being in lockdown. We only ask that you do as much as you can do with the children but do take those opportunities to get out when you can and for them to be able to come away from their devices at times. We certainly do not want our families and children to become stressed and so we do completely understand if on some days or times, work is not completed or less work than normal. We are really proud of everything the children are achieving during these unprecedented times and they couldn’t do it without your support. The fact that everyone is getting through this pandemic should be celebrated and please rest assured that we will address any gaps in learning when the children return to school as well as ensure that they get to have lots of fun in their learning and with their friends. 

Please stay safe and take care, 

Mrs L Rimmer – Principal