Remote learning update

Dear parents and carers, 

I do hope that this letter finds you and your families well at this time. I wanted to write to you again after the government’s more recent announcement in regards to us remaining closed until at least the February half term and for the key worker/vulnerable hub and remote learning to continue. 

I do hope that you all received the remote learning guidance that was sent out earlier this week and that now most of you and your children are able to access the live lessons, Google classrooms and Tapestry. As you can appreciate, our teaching staff are not used to teaching on a live set up remotely so please bear with us as we iron out any issues in the first few weeks. Please do keep in contact with us if there are any issues at all in regards to access and we will do our very best to support you in any way. 

I also wanted to remind you that the teachers will not be able to phone you but the office staff or a member of SLT will be on hand if you do need telephone advice. Our teachers do also still maintain their working hours, so please respect that they may not be able to always answer your emails straight away or late into the evenings. As you will appreciate, they will be receiving many more emails than normal from yourselves and as part of their normal working capacity. Please also be mindful that teachers will need to look at work on Google classrooms and have a necessary break, as do the children, in between live sessions and so if you could please leave the sessions in the specified time and ask any further advice through the Google classroom. 

We appreciate that these are challenging times and you are supporting your children with home learning but we would ask that as much as possible, the children do have some guidance from yourselves and teachers but are also able to complete tasks independently so teachers are aware of what they are able to achieve without adult input. If you have Class Dojo, please do not post any work on this as teachers will only be responding to work shared in the Google classroom. Teachers will endeavour to give feedback to each child at least once a week as a form of marking and in some cases, marksheets will be uploaded so that children can mark their own work. We understand that there are many other learning resources out there which are also great, such as BBC Bitesize, but the work that is being set from the class teacher and the live sessions should take precedence over any other resource. 

We do understand that some paperwork packs have been requested and this is largely due to the need for printing with children being able to work alongside the Google classroom with these at home but as much as possible they should be accessing the live lessons and Google classroom so as to ensure that they are keeping up with the work

that their class peers are doing as well as getting teaching input from their teachers, which I’m sure you would agree, is very important. 

We will welcome your ongoing feedback in regards to the remote learning that we are providing and I do hope that you will be happier that we are now offering live lessons, leading on from your feedback in regards to the remote learning during the last national lockdown. We would be happy to receive and act upon any feedback as much as we can to improve the learning experience for our children and if you are unhappy in any way, please do contact us in the first instance for us to resolve before reporting it to Ofsted as the Education Minister has advised you to do, as we would like to be able to at least be given the opportunity to improve what we are doing first. 

We have also had a large take up in pupil numbers within the key worker/vulnerable hub. Again, please bear with us as we settle the children into a routine and may I remind you that we have a limited staff number. Due to nursery reopening next week, we have asked EYFS and KS1 teachers to be put onto our staff rota from next week so please bear in mind that on these days there may be less live sessions or work uploaded as they are unable to balance both. We will of course keep you updated if this is the case. The children in the hub all have access to the live lessons and Google classrooms through devices and EYFS children have access to learning in the EYFS classroom with Tapestry being updated. Please be aware that if your child is attending the hub, we will endeavour to support them as much as possible but there is a mixture of year groups and staff still need to keep to social distancing rules. 

I would also like to share with you some links that you can use to access the National Online Safety website. You may see the teachers post resources from this onto Google classroom but it has tips and advice for parents around keeping your children safe when they are online. 

The App for parents can be found here: 

Download for apple: 

Download for android: 

Additionally, on Friday 12th February, there will be no remote learning for any classes and the nursery and key worker/vulnerable hub will be closed due to another staff inset day that we will need to take. 

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions and I would once again like to thank you all for your continued support, patience and understanding at this time.

Kind regards, 

Mrs L Rimmer