August Parent Letter COVID 2020

Dear Parents and Carers,

I hope that this letter finds you well and that you have had a lovely summer break with your families.  I thought that I would write to you again before the children return to give you any updates and to remind you of what we have put in place to ensure the safe return of staff and children to both academies.  I would also like to take this opportunity to welcome Miss Goldfinch to Allhallows Primary Academy.  She will have the Year 2 class and will be a great new addition to our team.  It also means that all classes at Allhallows are now in single age year groups which is really exciting.

Just a reminder that all year groups will be returning to full time education and we will no longer be running our key worker hub.  Attendance is now compulsory and therefore, our normal attendance procedures are reinstated.  All the staff at Allhallows and Stoke, are really looking forward to seeing all of the children again and have set up their classrooms to be safe, yet vibrant and welcoming for the children’s return. 

Start and End times of the day

  • Staggered time for entry and collection as shown on the table below, to allow for reduced numbers at the gate and ensure we can maintain social distancing.
Year group  Start time  End time  Entrance 
Year N/R See transition schedule See transition schedule  Main gate 
Year 1/2 8:35 am 3:05 pm  Front glass door
Year 3/4  8:55 am  3:15 pm  Main gate
Year R  See transition schedule  See transition schedule  Year R entrance 
Year 1 8:35 am  3:05 pm  Year R entrance 
Year 2  8.45 am  3.15 pm  Year R entrance 
Year 3  8:35 am  3:05 pm  Main gate (right side of building)
Year 4 8:45 am  3:15 pm  Main gate (right side of building)
Year 5  8:55 am 

(Bus collection 8:35 am)

3:15 pm 

(Bus collection 3:05 pm)

Main gate (right side of building)
Year 6  9:00 am 

(Bus collection 8:45 am)

3:25 pm 

(Bus collection 3:15 pm) 

Main gate (right side of building)

Transition schedule for Reception and Nursery all day children.  

(This is different to information originally published on the EYFS website)

Morning session Afternoon session
Wb 01.09.20 08:45 – 11:30 12:15 – 3:00
Wb 07.09.20

To include a joint  lunchtime

08:45 – 12:15

Please ensure your child brings a packed lunch this week.

11:30 – 3:00

Please ensure your child brings a packed lunch this week.

Wb 14.09.20 All day  8:45 – 3:00  

Children can have either a hot school meal or bring in a packed lunch.

  • Nursery and EYFS parents should have already received notification of whether their child will be attending a morning or afternoon session for the first two weeks.  In the week beginning 7.09.20, your child will be able to stay for lunch and then will be in school full time from 14th September.  Teachers will send out a reminder for your session when they are back.
  • Year 5 and 6 children who are travelling from Stoke Primary will continue to be able to use the minibus provided.  The children will need to stay in their class bubbles and so therefore will need to ensure that they are prompt in arriving for their time slot.  If they miss their time, they will not be able to travel on the next minibus and due to time restrictions, the bus will only run at the times stated.  All children who travel on the minibus will need to wear a face mask. 
  • Parents should bring their child to the gate at their allotted time, please queue keeping 2 metres distance order to maintain a safe and secure environment 
  • Parents are not permitted beyond the gate or in the school building.  Please contact the office by telephone or email them with any enquiries. 
  • We would ask that as soon as you have dropped your children at the gate you return home.  If you have children in different year groups you can drop them off at the same time and you will be able to pick them up at the same time.  Please bear with us as we will have more children to move through the gates safely and so you may have to wait just a short time for us to release a sibling in another year group. 
  • On pick up at the allotted time we will be releasing children one at a time, again a staff member will be present at the gate.  Year 5 and 6 may still walk home if that is what they would normally do. 

Uniform and School day

  • As per Government guidance, the children will be expected to wear their normal school uniform and there is no expectation that this is washed every evening.
  • Children will be given a PE slot each week and on those days, the children can wear the expected school PE kit to school with their school jumper or cardigan rather than having to bring in their PE bag and change in school. PE lessons will not start until the week beginning 7th September. Please see these for each class below;

Class PE Days  


EYFS (Nursery)  Wednesday 
Year 1/2  Tuesday 
Year 3/4  Friday 


EYFS Wednesday 
Year 1  Tuesday 
Year 2  Tuesday
Year 3 Thursday 
Year 4 Friday
Year 5 Thursday 
Year 6  Monday 
  • Children will have staggered break and lunch times so that they do not mix with the other classes.  The school playground and fields will be sectioned off so that children play outside within their own class bubbles. 
  • Cucina will be offering their full menu (including hot meals) to the children who have them and children will either eat in their class bubbles in the hall or in their classrooms.
  • Your child will need to bring in a filled water bottle for use throughout the day please. They will not be able to use the usual water coolers in school to top up their bottle. 
  • Desks will be arranged next to each other in rows facing the front of the classroom and this will be set up with their own basic resources such as pen, pencil, ruler and whiteboard pen to reduce the amount of shared resources.  Please do not allow your child to bring any resources into school. 
  • They will be assigned toilets for their class bubbles, with only one child able to use them at one time.  We do have a janitor on site at all times who is ensuring that rooms, doors, toilets and so on are constantly being cleaned throughout the day.
  • Children can take home reading books.  They are to be given to them on a Monday and taken in on a Friday (starting from Monday 7th September).  This means they are quarantined for at least 48 hours over the weekend.  If they are not returned on a Friday then the child will have to keep the book until the following Friday.  We are not changing books outside of this time regardless of parental request.  For additional reading matter, please encourage your child to read texts via MyOn, their own home sets, newspapers, magazines or comics.  This can all be recorded in their Reading Record books.

If you or your child show any symptoms of Coronavirus you should not bring your child into school and notify us immediately.  You or your child/children will also need to take a Coronavirus test, if the test is negative your child may return to school and at all times please keep us informed. If we see any symptoms of Coronavirus whilst your child is in school, they will be accompanied by a staff member to the Medical room and you will be contacted immediately.  They will remain there with an adult until you have arrived to take them home.

Well-being is a high priority for us as we welcome your children back to school.  If you have any particular concerns or information that you need to share with us such as any changes in personal circumstances or bereavements due to the COVID crisis, please do let us know so that we can support both you and your children as much as possible. These links will also support you and your child with well-being at home:


As we are going to be much more virtual, please do look out for announcements next week around ‘Meet the Teacher’ online events, as well as opportunities to meet our SENCO, FLO and a chance to also meet with myself.  I will record and share Friday celebration assemblies with you through our school websites.  You may be aware that the children have rewards through collecting points on Class Dojo.  We trialled the home contact side of this with one class last year and it was so well received by parents that we are now rolling this out to all classes, although EYFS and Nursery will continue to use Tapestry.  You will receive a letter in the coming weeks for you to sign up and this means that you can contact your child’s class teacher, see weekly updates in your child’s learning and classroom set up/displays as well as your child being able to upload homework pictures for their teachers too. I am confident that you will really welcome this addition and it will make our communication even stronger. 

Due to changes in teacher training through the Trust, the children will now not be returning until Thursday 3rd September.  I apologise for any inconvenience caused but unfortunately this has been out of our hands and with the schools closed over the summer we couldn’t update you any earlier.  If you have any more questions, please do contact the office and thank you so much for your continued support.  We look forward to welcoming all of the children back and in seeing you virtually soon. 

Yours sincerely

Mrs L Rimmer – Principal