Dear Parents and Carers
I am writing to update you about the child care provision we have in place for the pupils of parents who are key workers.
The number of pupils we have had attending across all our Trust schools has been lower than first indicated, we currently have an average of seven children coming into Allhallows academy per day. We are committed to providing a service to those of you who have no alternative but to go to work and have no other option for child care.
From Thursday 26th March, Allhallows Primary Academy will become a hub school for not only Stoke children but also High Halstow children. This means that there will potentially be more children on-site(approximately 6 more). We would like to assure parents using the Allhallows site that we will be ensuring we operate under the suggested social distancing rules at all times. Stoke and Allhallows children will be in a separate classroom to the High Halstow children and will be having separate play areas and toilet areas. We will be releasing children separately and ask that parents waiting to collect their children observe a safe distance from any other parents waiting.
For the safety of our staff and pupils we urge you to only use this provision if you have no other possible alternative.  
Thank you for your continued support at this difficult time.
Yours sincerely
Karen Major
Executive Principal

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I am delighted to welcome you to Stoke Primary Academy.

As a proud member of Leigh Academies Trust we believe in the huge potential of our pupils and focus relentlessly on high aspirations and high achievement. Our aim is that every pupil will go on to a good university or into a career of their choice.

Mrs L. Wilson – Principal

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